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An Open Letter from the Quality Improvement Group, at the Kitsap Public Health District.


The results of a national survey were published recently. Through those findings it has come to our attention that there is a large population of HIV/AIDS positive individuals that are not currently receiving medical assistance, or are currently enrolled in case management services.


We’re here to help those that could benefit from the services that are currently available. The Kitsap Public Health District serves persons who are HIV/AIDS positive in the Kitsap, Mason, Clallam, and Jefferson County areas.

The Quality Improvement Group was formed to help in as many ways as possible. From getting tested, receiving medical case management, to socialization events and functions. In 2018 the “Stand Up And Be Counted” campaign was started. Our goal is to not only to help stop the spread of HIV/AIDS in the state of Washington, but in our unique landscape of the western Sound.


Remember that “Knowledge is Power” when it comes the pandemic. Also no one has the right to shame you because of it. We are here to you, and together we all can make our community a healthier and happy place to live.

Our efforts include this website, The New West Sound Plus quarterly newsletter, and the Red Ribbon Supper Club Pot Luck Dinner along with other social events.

We look forward to meeting and helping you.

Thank you

The Quality Improvement Team

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